Sophia Buda​

Meet Sophia,

Sophia Buda Magar, a 15-year old girl, a grade six student of Ramjyoti Secondary School in Pokhara-27, Kaski. She is originally from Rolpa and is currently residing in a rented house in Chhatre dhunga, a slum settlement on the Set River’s bank, with her mother and three other siblings. Her father died when she was 3 years old. She is the youngest child in her family. Her mother is illiterate and currently works as a day laborer on the riverbank. She earned very little money and had to care for her four children, including Sophia.

The story

Sophia is one of the participants of our community learning and upliftment program. She was quite shy and lacked interest when she joined our supplemental class. She didn’t take care of herself and her personal hygiene was also poor. Her handwriting was poor, and she lacked the confidence to interact with the tutor and the other students in her class. The possible reason was because of her family environment and the condition of her living and lifestyle. The good thing about her was she was very calm, silent, and with a helping and supportive nature. She is one of the obedient studentws who don’t hurt anyone. Sophia gradually improved her handwriting after attending the class, and she now has the best handwriting among others. She is also starting to pay attention to her personal hygiene and we are promoting her self-confidence making her understand that her opinion is also important and she needs to express it.