Founder Letter

Founder Letter from Binod Neupane

” Just try to imagine how strenuous a journey it had been for those who were born and raised in remote areas, where there were no opportunities to access the digital world including the equipment or devices that play a vital role in personal growth and development in today’s modern world. However, despite all the adverse circumstances. I am here today, in front of all of you as an achiever in the field, which was not only inaccessible but also just a dream for my community. The socio-cultural ethical values, the utmost attentin of my father to my personal grooming, and the strong belief of my family in me made me able to achieve my goals in life. I am the only son with four sisters. However, my family members, specially my father, left no stone unturned in inculcating the values of hard work, fair play and integrity in me.

The common trend in my community is to complete education first and then pursue for career, however, my father not only valued the significance of education always but also encouraged me to take part in community welfare and development. This is the reason why I strongly believe that the real purposes of education and the meaning of life is to serve your community with your education and learned skills. So, following my father’s pathway, I started working immediately as a volunteer after completing my secondary education at my village’s school, where I worked as a Community Facilitator in a “Gender Mainstreaming and Social Inclusion Project” for four years.

Those four years, being the turning point of my life, enabled me to pursue my career as a development professional. From the community work, I got the opportunity to learn and understand the real-life stories of people, their lifestyles, problems, struggles, and moreover their happiness in little achievements. I can proudly say that my community served as a big university for me in providing life-long learnings and enriching experiences which allowed me to develop my strengths, life skills, and knowledge in the field of management, leadership and interpersonal communication.

Today, with over 12 years of community work experience, engaged with various non-profit organizations, and working in diverse professional settings, I’m looking forward to leading a social change and providing an adequate opportunity for the disadvantaged people in my community to uplift their lives and enable them to achieve their goals. I am confident in envisioning that the skills and experience, that I am equipped with through my community work, will surely bring a positive change in people’s lives and also strengthen me as a community leader for the sustainable growth of my community long into future. 

For achieving my great vision, I am establishing an organization named UniCoN with a motivation to bridge the digital gap in my community, after-school support to students, career counselling, job placement workshops, basic English language skills, and much more which my community badly needs to have for not only uplifting their lives but also to enable them to play their positive role in society. “

Binod Neupane

Founder & the Executive Head

....a long way to go..