Meet Bishal,

A 12-year old boy living with his parents in a rural area of Pokhara-27 Kaski. He is a very talkative, enthusiatic kid, willing to play all the time. He specially loves physical activities.


The story

Bishal’s family is not facing a good moment. His father, recently released from jail, does not have work and the mother is in charge of all the home responsibilities doing labor works. According to Puspha, his tutor in the Government school, he looks restless and needs to improve his discipline, sanitation and studying skills. Pushpa noted Bishal’s situation and talked to UniCoN team members about the children  in order to consider the possibility to include him in our activities. After a deep interview with the family, kid and tutor, we included him in our school support and basic skills programs.

Nowadays, he enjoys learning and playing at the same time, he has improved his behavior at school, he is following the hygienic advices and Pushpa follows his attendance to school and situation very close.